Larry robertson
Quick About me
Name: Larry
Identifier: Innovation Advisor
Supporting roles: 
  Author, Columnist
  Speaker, Facilitator
  Surfer, kayaker

Favorite vacation: the next one
An uncommon book rec: 
The Secret Knowledge of Water, Craig Childs 

Favorite ‘now’ quote: 
  Where there are waves, 
  there’s an ocean.
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Larry Robertson is an innovation and strategy advisor. His more than 25 years experience advising senior leaders is further enhanced by the following:

  1. Author of two award-winning books: A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress, and The Language of Man: Learning to Speak Creativity, honored with a combined 16 awards.

  2. Founder of 2 ventures, one for-profit, one non-profit.

  3. A highly respected thought leader in creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership, advising individuals and organizations across a broad spectrum.

  4. A sought after speaker and facilitator.

  5.  Columnist for Inc. Magazine and for The Creativity Post, a regular contributor to Fast Company, and a guest columnist elsewhere.

  6. He also has been featured guest on or in MSNBC, the Chicago Tribune, AdAge, SmartBrief, and in numerous podcasts.

  7. Graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a former Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

As an innovation advisor, he draws on all of this.

In short...


That’s the quick and formal bio for me - conveniently offered in the third person. If you’re interested, you can find a longer bio at LinkedIn (a medium I use mainly for business, so the bio there will have that twist to it).

But right here, right now you might be interested in that last line about me above - why, you might wonder, do I call myself an innovation advisor?

It’s a term that represents the sum of all the parts, pieces, roles, and experiences I bring to each new endeavor. You see, the reality is that I’m rarely occupying just one space at any one time. Instead, I’m constantly crossing those ‘borders’ - the boundaries or edges if you like - that we all too often and too easily assume surround any one activity, role, or field.

Back in the day they called such border crossers ‘polymaths’ - those who lived across fields, jobs, bases of knowledge, and worlds. It turns out that operating that way is a really helpful habit when it comes to the topics I specialize in: creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Moving across borders, seeing things from different angles, and constantly growing from those experiences makes you a heck of a lot more innovative than were you to stay in one place.

That’s where the “innovation” part of my job title comes in. The “advisor” part refers to the fact that what I find most fulfilling in life and what I strive to offer - be it in a book, venture, or otherwise - is to offer insights that makes you more fully you. Be it the little slice of ‘you’ represented by your project or organization, or the big ‘you’ of you as a human being, I strive to be a catalyst to your progress and - through you - to be a catalyst for human progress.

A bit more...

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